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Joanne’s Journey Through The Shine Program…

I'm so proud of Joanne for graduating from The Shine Program. Congratulations Joanne.

Joanne was similar to a lot of you ladies and was ready to step out and date, but wasn't sure where to start. 

Joanne entered The Shine Program 9 weeks ago. She's now got a plan, goals and new skills which will ensure her success. 

I have no doubt 2019 is going to be a big year for her and I'm sure she'll be sharing a photo of a new magnificent man with us soon. She's worked hard and deserves everything that is on its way to her.

I thought you may be interested in her journey and join with me in congratulating her on her success. ?

This is her journey in her words:

Before the Shine Program, I was living in a state of uncertainty. I wasn’t moving forward after my divorce and felt as if I didn’t know how. I most definitely feared to step out into the dating world as I didn’t feel I knew what I wanted and most definitely worried I would pick the same type of man again. I somehow knew when the Shine Program came across my Facebook feed I had found something of value for my healing.

Before I started the program I was a bit apprehensive that I may have just committed money to something and someone I knew nothing about but once I enrolled in the program, had a few calls with Fiona May under my belt and started the course content, I knew at a gut level I had found an incredible resource that would be life-changing. I was just so confident and excited to learn all that was coming my way.

My biggest challenge was my fear that I would not follow through or implement what I had learned from the program into my life. I was told there would be accountability and I knew that was what I needed.

Truth be told I knew it was going to be a lot of work but I had no idea how thorough it really would be.

As Fiona learned early on, I am an over-doer, high achiever and I took the work seriously and placed a lot of pressure on myself. However, Fiona is so encouraging and has taught me to be kind and patient with myself and that I was doing just fine, in fact, better than fine. This gave me the confidence to pace myself, take my time and be content with the work I had done.

I also knew that I had lifelong access to the modules so I can go back time and again and review the content that did not come easily to me.

The biggest impact on my life/relationship and what I discovered during your journey was the concept of always coming from love and compassion.

While I have an incredibly long way to go and so much more personal development work to do, I believe that if I can keep this teaching always in mind, I can and will change for the better.

My knee-jerk reaction prior to this course was to lash out ( in fear I now know) and protect myself at all costs but that clearly had not been working for me.

Another HUGE lesson this course has taught me is to listen to the thoughts that I think. Until this course, I predominantly focused my thoughts on the negative which is very disempowering. I rewired my brain to think positively and completely empower myself so I can open my life to all the love/opportunity it has to offer. I also learnt and now live in GRATITUDE!

This program has changed my life and will BE my future! I have a whole new toolbox of “Shiny” tools which will help me navigate through all life has to offer, both the good and the challenging. It will help me forge a better relationship with my ex-husband and allow me to be a better parent to my two children. I will be able to give them sound advice and teach them what I have learned. My hope is that this reshapes their future and allows them to have healthy adult relationships.

I felt FULLY supported by Fiona as my coach. She held me to a standard and followed up with me both on her own and when I requested clarification. Fiona is incredibly honest, holds you to your work and has a God-given ability to encourage her students. She has so much credibility as she too knew the pain and struggles that follow a divorce.

The resources that have been included in this course content will be incredibly valuable to me as I move on into the future.

Fiona is also incredibly open to feedback and when myself and other students mentioned that some modules early on in the program were labour intensive, she broke it down into an additional module.

If someone's on the fence about enrolling I would tell them that they would be missing out on one of the most positive life-changing opportunities of their life. Once you learn this new and empowering way to live, think and be, there is no going back….and you would never want to go back.

Joanne Schafer

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