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Are You Wondering What Makes A Magnificent Man?

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

I often talk about the need for Women to attract a Magnificent Masculine man... I was asked by a client yesterday exactly what do I mean by that... We discussed it and to her, it was a very foreign concept.

She told me that she didn't even know any men that fitted that description. She thought masculine men were egotistical, big muscle, bad boys - but that is as far away from the truth as possible and not who a conscious magnificent masculine man is. She said her Ex wasn't like that, her Dad was not even emotionally available and she really struggled to understand.

It got me thinking and I thought I'd explain some of the traits here of how a Magnificent Masculine Man shows up...

A man who has high levels of integrity.
A Magnificent man is interested in a woman who is natural.
Creates a safe space for communication.
True to his word.
Consistent, especially through difficult times.
He is not afraid of criticism.
Comfortable in his own skin.
Accepts his faults and faces up to mistakes.
He has self-love, self-worth and high self-esteem.
Listens fully and communicates clearly and honestly.
Not co-dependent.
Does not have the need or desire to control his relationship or any other person.
He has a strong masculine spirit.
In touch with his feminine side.
Does not avoid conflict.
Honest, open, loyal and trustworthy.
Connects fully and makes his partner feel unique.
Cares deeply about the planet and all of its inhabitants.
Knows how to pleasure a woman sexually without thinking of his needs.
On a journey constantly growing and learning.

Tell me if the qualities above are what you'd love to have in the next man you attract? Have you experienced many of these qualities from men in the past?

If you want to be in a relationship, it takes a concerted effort to do your own self-work. It's hard, scary, and we have to see things about yourself we don't necessarily like, but once done, it opens the door to giving love and being truly loved and fulfilled. When it doesn't happen, history will repeat and the cycle continues with more unhappy relationships, settling or feeling alone in a relationship.

I also work with a lot of women who say they don't want a relationship or they are waiting for a man to sweep them off their feet... chances are they'll be alone forever. If they are ok with that, great.

But if you want true love, it takes work, courage and you doing your part to create what you want and not waiting for it to come to you. If you would like to explore this further, watch our free training here and we'll go through the issues holding you back from attracting the love you'd like in your life.

Fiona x


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