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Don’t Give Up Looking For Love

divorce empowered fear grow heal Apr 30, 2019

Ladies, are you looking for love? I want to encourage you to not give up on it happening for you?

I was once left by my husband. We had a business, loving family and without any discussion or warning, he was gone, just like that.

So I get it! I had to pick myself up just like you probably have had to, shell-shocked and numb, so many unanswered questions, so many why’s…, and sometimes it felt like I’d never be able to move on, heal, forgive and find another man.

But I survived – AND you will as well. My kids missed their Dad…yours probably do as well. They may not say it, they may be hurting and angry, but they miss what they lost, regardless of their age.

Even though I never thought I would, I met another amazing man and life has never been happier, and this is what I want to encourage you to hold onto.

I am very grateful and honour my marriage. We had 30 years of fun, we were best friends, we had an amazing life, worldwide adventures, built a business and I know he loved me until he didn't. I

We are on friendly terms what's lovely because like you, we have graduations, wedding and family events and it's very freeing to be able to still celebrate those things as a family. Life is to short to hold onto resentment, anger and be missing out on all it has to offer.

Is your heart still heavy? Are you tired and sick of carrying the loss within? You don't have to do this alone. Learning to really love and value yourself mends and heals even the most broken heart.

I know you are suffering and didn't want any of this. You've been a good person, you’ve worked hard and you still have time to create big dreams for your future, even though the ones you had have gone. Start to dream again and use your past to inspire you to move forward and not define you.

You deserve it. It’s hard but it’s worth it. Don’t let a man who’s treated you poorly take 1 more minute from you. Get him out of your head and use that time to invest and grow yourself.

And learn from your past. There are two sides to every coin, 2 people, 2 opinions, 2 who need to be on the same page for it to work.

If you want to find an incredible man, set your intention.

Imagine how amazing it will be when you have a new partner. No more lonely nights, no more swiping right, no more endless coffee dates… your house will once again be filled with happiness, full of laughter, home-cooked dinners and when the days are done, you get to sit down and have someone to share a wine with and have a chat…

Can you imagine that? Your future life is waiting for you to claim it. Grab it with 2 hands, make every second count and reward yourself as it's now your time to shine.

Every year 1000’s of women fall in love and get into a beautiful relationship, they actually never thought they’d be having.

If you have ever suffered after being left, abused, had a narcissistic partner or even just been in and out of relationships, make this year the year you say ENOUGH.

You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are more than enough. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to start to be your own No.1 supporter, love yourself, nurture your soul and grow your consciousness.

Everything gets better, step by step, including you.

Walk until you can run… ?

Fiona May
Transition and Relationship Coach for Women.
Specializing in helping Women 40+ find love


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