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Fiona May’s 6 Keys to Happiness and Success

1. Every day be working on yourself and working towards your goals.

Have a daily ritual and spend at least 30 minutes reading to grow your mind as it's one of the most valuable things you can do. Manage your time wisely and fill your mind with positive information. If you are short on time, turn off the TV and read things that are of value, nourishing, substantial and teaches you distinctions.

2. Learn to Act In Spite of Uncertainty.

Every one of these habits is important but this one is especially vital when learning to heal and grow after a loss or divorce. In a world that seems more uncertain every day, many people are afraid to take a risk of any kind. But with uncertainty comes opportunity and certainty is not a feeling, it's a habit that you can create.

Progress comes when you tell yourself the truth, and you're able to feel the uncertainty and take action anyway. Have you heard of the book, “Feel your fear, but do it anyway?” It's a great book as once we conquer our fears, they will never hold us back again.

3. Develop a Mindset of Abundance & Generosity.

The more you think of the universe as a place where there are plenty of resources for you and everyone else, the more you will create that reality. It may sound woo-woo, but it works for I've found the more I give away, the more I get back…

When we take the focus off ourselves and invest in giving back and serving others, we create a mindset of abundance and generosity in your own life.

By taking action toward your goals, and helping others reach their goals, you will achieve everything you ever want and need, and you'll feel worthwhile and fulfilled.

4. Choose your Friends and Partner Wisely.

Looking back, the greatest mistakes many ladies make have come from partnering with the wrong people at different times in their lives. Because we may have not understood what we wanted or even deluded ourselves because these partners just seemed to appear or show up and we took that as a sign it was meant to be.

We need to be careful to analyze our goals and needs and compare them with the goals and needs of a potential partner to make sure they will be a good match before we jump into anything. We need to be selective and this comes when we understand and know ourselves well and we know that if this one isn't right that there will be an abundance of better ones around the corner.

5. Never stop asking the most important questions and learn to say NO!

To get good results, you can't just ask a question once and rely on the answer. We have to develop an inquiring mind and always be looking for how we can improve, tweak, improvise and work towards the greatest answer and outcome we want. We have to work with others who are of a like mind and share the same goals.

I work on a principle I call CANEPI – that stands for Constant And Never Ending Personal Improvement. When we grow and develop ourselves, we encourage others to lift their own personal bar and standards. When we are obsessed with the question of how to make things better and how to help people improve their lives, we improve things for everyone around us.

We should also get used to saying NO. If something isn't serving us and doesn't sit well with you. don’t just go along with it. This is you selling out on yourself and it breeds resentment. Great partnerships start with honest and open communication.

6. Choose Your Thoughts Carefully

In every minute you can be happy, sad, depressed, scared, or any other way you choose. Make it your goal to choose happiness. You have the ultimate choice and you can change a thought and your state in a split second. Nothing will change your life more than when you realise that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions and your actions create your results. If you choose to be happy you are going to get a much better outcome than choosing a disempowering thought.

I generally live by these principals so thought I'd share them as you may get some value from adopting a few or all of them.

Fiona May x

Transition & Relationship Coach

Women On Transition


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