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Last night was date night...

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021
I had a busy day in the office and flew up the stairs to get ready at 6 pm. I was met by Paul who was already showered, dressed, smelling divine and looking spunky.
I chose a dress and shoes. I was excited. I love date night... I jumped in the shower, shaved my legs and put my makeup on. It felt so nice to get dressed up and I felt good.
I walked out into the kitchen and Paul said, ”you look beautiful” and as he kissed me, he nuzzled into my neck and breathed in my perfume.
We took an uber and went to one of our favourite little restaurants. The chef is French and he always comes out and chats at our table and explains each dish we order.
We were having a lovely night, a delicious meal, our favourite wine, lots of laughing, and sharing our plans... I looked up and saw a lady in her 50’s being shown the table next to us. She sat down but looked uneasy and uncertain. I felt a tinge of sadness for her as I sensed she hadn't always been a ”1”.
Shortly afterwards a couple arrived, her friends obviously, and the 3 had their meal.
We got home and sat out on the balcony and chatted before going to bed... Paul had changed the sheets as he always does every week so climbing into bed was delicious....and so was he... And finally, I fell asleep, wrapped in his arms...
This morning, as I was having my cup of tea in bed, I started thinking about the lady at the restaurant last night. I remembered how it felt when I was single... I remember how uncomfortable I felt going out for dinner alone, flying solo on my own, and how I’d order room service or UberEats so I didn't have to go out to a restaurant alone...
I don't miss that. Waking up to the man of my dreams has become my reality... Every day I feel so blessed to be in a relationship that adds to my life...
For me, when I started dating, I started to heal. It gave me something else to think about. It was the beginning of me learning to love myself again, just putting makeup on and getting dressed up was lovely. I met a few very nice men, some of whom I am still friends with today.
It started me on a journey of discovering what I did and didn't want. I had to create rules and boundaries. It was scary, exciting, exhilarating and provided me with lots of lessons.
How do you feel about dating after being out of it for so long?
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