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The problem with Coping Strategies is they are just bandaids... they just cover up the real issues and numb you to what's really going on within you.

It causes a disconnect and you can FEEL IT!

You know what is going on inside you is different to what you are showing the world - AND YOU FEEL LIKE A FRAUD!
Every day we talk to people all over who use bandaids to manage their problems but never actually solve the underlying issues.
When things aren't working in your life, it causes you to feel stuck and frustrated.
Whether you are:
- Putting on weight and can't lose it
- Trapped in a job or a business that you hate
- Always in your head with a brain that doesn't turn off
- Have struggled to have happy & meaningful relationships

You probably feel like you have been on a treadmill and take one foot forward and land on your bum, ten-foot back...

You feel like you make a bit of "progress"...and then something happens and you crash. Life just seems to throw you one thing after another, and sometimes your problems feel like they are bigger than you're equipped to handle.
Your mind tries to tell you and soften the blow of lack of control through "accepting it as is" and learning to “make the most of it.”
Truth is, it would rather protect your feelings than admit you’re doing something wrong.
So we turn to something to numb ourselves and take our mind off the "Problem".
Your mind will tell you anything it has to do to trick you into believing that your self sabotaging will make you "feel better”.
It prefers that over the truth — which is crazy, but it's true.
So you'll find yourself eating junk food, binging on Netflix, hitting the dating apps, or down at the mall buy things you don't need.
All the while, the problem is still there.
Only now you also have just consumed tons of calories, wasted time, spent more money, feel worse because you didn't attract a nice man and feel even more stressed out and like crap.
The problem with coping strategies is that they keep you stuck — even the healthy ones.
Here's the bottom line: No amount of "coping'' is ever going to break you free.
In fact, it becomes part of the problem when you think you're doing all that you can, and not realizing there's more to healing than putting a band-aid over the pain.

It might look like it's helping, but it's not healing anything.
So now you've heard what you are doing isn't working, what do you do?
The answer is that you have to STOP the crap that doesn't work and start doing what does...and the only way you are going to solve these issues is to get to the root cause.

So you have to find out:
What's causing the issue (your problems) in the first place?
What's going on beneath the surface?
Why are you overweight, lonely or scared??
Why were your relationships so hard and frustrating?
Why can't you find the men and get the love you want.
Why do you feel self-conscious and have no self-esteem?
Why do you not speak up and have attracted the wrong men?

So the reason you don't have the love, career, money, job, house, body, cloths, outlook you want and why you are feeling frustrated and deflated is you have a LIMITED MINDSET!

...and until you acknowledge and address that, you’ll always be living a limited life and never reach your potential!

Ouch...It may hurt at first but this is what you need to do!
You have to solve the "problems" at the root and once you get to the deep-seeded core wounds and heal them, that’s when the magic happens!
You don't need more self-help books or Youtube videos - you need actual proven science-based strategies to be able to transition and become whole, and living a full life in your power.
Everything will fall into place and you can move on and enjoy life and have all those things you want like:

- Self-love, no little pesky voice derailing you
- You'll be motivated to create a sexy body
- You'll have the tools to co-create an amazing relationship
- Have the ability to earn more & gain financial freedom
You just have to do the deep self-work that you've been putting off and didn't know how to do...
Now, before you go believing the first coping thought that comes into mind — "I can't because of x, y, or z", remember this:
Your current circumstances don’t matter — that's just temporary and you can change it once you fix your mindset!
The only thing that matters is how are you going to create a new mindset and implement CHANGE!.
Need help? Reach out.

Fiona May x

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