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What Do Emotionally Healthy Masculine Men Want?

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2021

Do you struggle in finding enjoyable dates and turning them into fulfilling long-term relationships?

If you are, it could be because you, like most women, don’t understand what men really want… or you assume that men only want one thing: sex.

Figuring out what men want is hard, isn’t it?

It seems like it gets harder every day with all the dating apps and the faulty love advice you get from the internet.

Which is a shame, really, because understanding your date and future partner is a big part of getting into a great relationship.

What DO men want?

I don’t have to guess what men want... I coach men and speak with them regularly.

Successful, kind and authentic men understand and embrace their masculinity and I share that information with my clients so they are prepared and can date more effectively with this knowledge.

Consistently, regardless of age, ethnicity, or career, men want the same things.

So I’m not going to hold it back from you ladies! Listen up...

Great men want you to be in control of your emotions and overcome the fears which may be keeping you from showing up as your best self. They want to be able to love you for just being you!

The number one thing a healthy man wants is a woman who loves herself at a core level.

The unhealthy man wants the opposite of this type of woman… they want women who are disassociated, drunk, emotionally unaware, needy and with no boundaries so they can take advantage of them.

The HEALTHY masculine men want a woman who is connected to her body, confident in who she is and has a great life. He wants her to be self-aware and emotionally healthy.

The healthy man finds a healed, confident woman to be magnetic, and deeply sexy.

Not a single man I talked to said he’s looking for a specific appearance from a woman...it’s not about her shape or size or how she dresses.
It’s about how she moves, how she carries herself, and how she speaks her mind.

Men can sense this on a woman instantly and instinctively.

So what gets in the way of a woman being her authentic, best self?

Her fears and insecurities.

The fear of actually finding out who she truly is, what she’s putting out, what she wants and what she won’t tolerate.

The fear of having to deal with and process her past pain.

The fear that keeps many women stuck in their heads—over-analyzing, worrying or staying stuck in her unintegrated body, mind, and heart.

The fear of your own sexuality.

Luckily, you can break through these fears. If you’re ready and committed, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and claim it for yourself. We can share powerful strategies with you in our free training: https://www.womenontransition.com/free-training-CSM

Once you know and implement the strategies, you will notice the following changes:

1. Men notice you and ask you out. My clients get asked out at the shops, on the train, and at events.

2. You feel safer because you’re more aware and confident in how you feel about yourself and real to the woman you were born to be.

3. You feel sexier because you’re free and you celebrate your greatness instead of holding onto your limitations. This allows you to show up as a happy, confident, capable sensual woman, whilst still being feminine and open to being loved. It’s what great men want!

It all starts with getting out of your comfort zone and doing what’s best for your future and your relationships. So take advantage of the opportunity we’re offering you.. Heal, grow and unlock your true potential.

With love,
Fiona May


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