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Why Loving Yourself Isn’t That Easy!

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

Everyone says “just Love Yourself” but it's easier said than done… The problem is that most women don't even know-how and most have forgotten who they once did it!

They were once funny, happy, playful, trusting, inquisitive, adventurous, and started off their life journey as an excited little girl, who had big dreams, goals and desires.

But sadly, over time everything that those little girls knew and wanted was slowly chipped away at and their self-esteem and beliefs started to fade.
It happens slowly, bit by bit as they listen to what they are being told, hear, see and eventually they just accept how they are being treated.

It usually takes a life-changing event for them to stop and the come to the sheer realisation that they don't now know who they are and they feel lost.

This brings them to a point of recognising that the hopes and dreams they once held and aspired to, whom they thought they'd grow up to be, isn't the women they see when they look in the mirror.

She's barely recognisable at all. Her current reality is so far from what she thought it would be, it is shocking.

If it was as easy as believing in yourself or loving yourself, there would be no suffering and pain. For most, the person they now know is someone who isn't good enough, someone who's unworthy, who can't trust herself or others, who are broken and unlovable.

Some melt and some get hard.

Finding yourself just doesn't miraculously happen. No amount of praying, hoping or wishing will change YOU unless you initiate and find your own way forward.

It takes time, commitment and a new level of understanding than you currently have, as you need to get to a higher level of consciousness.

But it can happen if you grow your mind, are resourceful and make the decision to get the tools you need. It's not easy but it's achievable.

It is then that the world becomes your oyster, as you are truly free of the shackles of your past and you'll move forward as a powerful woman who loves and believes in herself. It is then you will fly gracefully by your own wings.

They say that “fortune favors the bold”. It takes courage to look for change, healing, growth, and even new love. Be braver than you have ever been. If you’re ready and willing to do the work for a new and exciting life, you can get started by joining our membership site here


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