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The problem with Coping Strategies is they are just bandaids... they just cover up the real issues and numb you to what's really going on within you.

It causes a disconnect and you can FEEL IT!

You know what is going on inside you is different to what you are showing the world - AND YOU FEEL LIKE A FRAUD!
Every day we talk to people all over who use bandaids to manage their problems but never actually solve the underlying issues.
When things aren't working in your life, it causes you to feel stuck and frustrated.
Whether you are:
- Putting on weight and can't lose it
- Trapped in a job or a business that you hate
- Always in your head with a brain that doesn't turn off
- Have struggled to have happy & meaningful relationships

You probably feel like you have been on a treadmill and take one foot forward and land on your bum, ten-foot back...

You feel like you make a bit of "progress"...and then something happens and you crash. Life just seems to throw you one thing after another, and...

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