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Is the Other Woman Your Enemy?

family love Jul 02, 2019

Does the thought of your kids spending time with the OW make you feel sick?

I was talking to a lady I coach yesterday who was challenged because her ex and his new girlfriend were having her kids for the weekend.

She was feeling sick and completely crushed and wanted to know how to handle it.

Have you felt like this?

It is hard to have another woman around your kids, so I had to get her to be conscious of why she was feeling this way and what she had to do so she was ok with it.

I explained that how she behaves will have consequences, and she has to get clear on what she really wants for her kids.

She loves her kids and yet, she didn't want what she knew she had to do. Through processing her own fears, she realised she didn't want them to be in an environment where they feel uncomfortable and dividing their love.

But that bought up all sorts of fears and pain for her.

She felt she owned them and didn't want to share them. It was painful, extremely painful because she had a dream of...

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