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How To Be The Best Version Of You!

fear grow love Jul 28, 2019

What do you think it takes in order to become the “best version of you”?

Do you think that when I suggest that we all need to be better, it is diminishing or an insult?

I know people always say to “just love yourself exactly as you are” and some see it as a negative comment when I suggest that they could “change”.

It goes without saying that we should “love ourselves as we are”… but I also think that part of loving ourselves is doing what it takes to raise and adopt new levels of understanding, Education is power when it's adopted and implemented.

If you are totally happy with your life, relationship, finances, appearance and everything else, I'd say just keep doing what you are doing, as you are happy…

But is doing nothing standing still OR actually going backwards???

If you decide to just stand still, won’t the world and life continue to change and evolve around you? So, is it true to say that you wouldn’t...

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Death Or Divorce… Which One Is Worse?

This is very true and also relevant after divorce.

Sometimes with divorce, it is all of this plus the fact that the person still has the ability to affect you and will continue to influence you if you allow it.

I know when there are kids and shared property involved there feels like there is no completion however once you deal with that and put some workable solutions in place, it gets better.

This brings up a lot of fear as many ladies who find themselves single worry about their security, future finances, employment, have custody concerns, contact and visitation issues etc. So you need to look after your own well-being and heal so you can confidently deal with all of these challenges.

By accepting your new reality, you can logically find and pave a way forward where you learn what you need to know to move on with your new life.

Everything changes, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. The future can be better than you've ever had because you are now in the driver's seat! This is...

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Do You Have A Monkey Mind?

Do you have a nagging little voice in your head who is your own inner critic? Is your little voice saying nasty things about you and trying to limit what you say and do?

If you are conscious of your inner critic, you are not alone! Everyone has one and it often sabotages your success by stopping you from doing anything that it fears may be dangerous or unsafe. Whilst that's a good thing if you are in danger, it's not a great thing 90% of the time as it stops and limits you experiencing life and living in your true power.

Our inner voice is run on our fears.

Another name some people call our inner voice is our “monkey mind”. According to Buddhist principles, listening to our “monkey mind” often leaves us feeling unsettled, restless, or confused.

Your Monkey Mind is the part of your brain most connected to the ego, which contends that you can’t do anything right. It’s also the part of you that stifles healing and growth by preventing you from moving...

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Do You Ghost?

So let me ask you ladies if you meet someone and have a few dates and you are not feeling he's right for you, what do you do?

Do you ghost?

Or do you also just disappear, not answer messages, say nothing, point out their shortcomings or just stop all communication???

Or do you tell him on the first date in person that you don't see any future, or do you ring or text to thank him after the date, or do you see a need to explain the reason why you aren't attracted to him and let him know that he's not for you?

These are just questions worthy of investigation, not a judgement.

Men I coach (as well as women) tell me all the time that they have been ghosted as well, so I know men are not the only ones doing the ghosting…

Sometimes it's a fear from one or either party that comes up… and many people avoid being honest and upfront because they are not confident enough to be able to understand their own feelings, analyse what's really going on, unsure of what they are really...

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Don’t Give Up Looking For Love

divorce empowered fear grow heal Apr 30, 2019

Ladies, are you looking for love? I want to encourage you to not give up on it happening for you?

I was once left by my husband. We had a business, loving family and without any discussion or warning, he was gone, just like that.

So I get it! I had to pick myself up just like you probably have had to, shell-shocked and numb, so many unanswered questions, so many why’s…, and sometimes it felt like I’d never be able to move on, heal, forgive and find another man.

But I survived – AND you will as well. My kids missed their Dad…yours probably do as well. They may not say it, they may be hurting and angry, but they miss what they lost, regardless of their age.

Even though I never thought I would, I met another amazing man and life has never been happier, and this is what I want to encourage you to hold onto.

I am very grateful and honour my marriage. We had 30 years of fun, we were best friends, we had an amazing life, worldwide adventures, built a...

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