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Joanne’s Journey Through The Shine Program…

I'm so proud of Joanne for graduating from The Shine Program. Congratulations Joanne.

Joanne was similar to a lot of you ladies and was ready to step out and date, but wasn't sure where to start. 

Joanne entered The Shine Program 9 weeks ago. She's now got a plan, goals and new skills which will ensure her success. 

I have no doubt 2019 is going to be a big year for her and I'm sure she'll be sharing a photo of a new magnificent man with us soon. She's worked hard and deserves everything that is on its way to her.

I thought you may be interested in her journey and join with me in congratulating her on her success. ?

This is her journey in her words:

Before the Shine Program, I was living in a state of uncertainty. I wasn’t moving forward after my divorce and felt as if I didn’t know how. I most definitely feared to step out into the dating world as I didn’t feel I knew what I wanted and most definitely worried I would pick the same type of man again. I...

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Do You Have A Monkey Mind?

Do you have a nagging little voice in your head who is your own inner critic? Is your little voice saying nasty things about you and trying to limit what you say and do?

If you are conscious of your inner critic, you are not alone! Everyone has one and it often sabotages your success by stopping you from doing anything that it fears may be dangerous or unsafe. Whilst that's a good thing if you are in danger, it's not a great thing 90% of the time as it stops and limits you experiencing life and living in your true power.

Our inner voice is run on our fears.

Another name some people call our inner voice is our “monkey mind”. According to Buddhist principles, listening to our “monkey mind” often leaves us feeling unsettled, restless, or confused.

Your Monkey Mind is the part of your brain most connected to the ego, which contends that you can’t do anything right. It’s also the part of you that stifles healing and growth by preventing you from moving...

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