How to Heal, Grow and Love again after separation or divorce

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What is it? 

Shine Silver is a Self-Paced changing program which deals with the real underlying core issues that have been holding you back from being your best self. With the tools to create an amazing second chapter to your life & full access to the content for 12 months. 

Who is it for?

For women who prefer to learn solo on their own time and want to discover what they are truly capable of. Those who refuse to settle for a boring and safe life and want to discover what amazing gifts, talents and value they can offer when they believe in themselves and love the incredible woman they are. 

When does it start?

Because SHINE SILVER is a Self-Paced online course, it starts the moment you enrol. You can complete it in your own time and have access to the modules for up to 12 months.

  • Access to Facebook Community with over 9,000 Single, Divorced, separated women 
  • 12 months access to all the training modules on our private membership site. Includes videos, audios, exercises and online assessments 
  • Learn at your own pace, go through the modules as fast or slow as you want again and again over 12 months
  • Free Strategy Call to reset your life with our Transition Coaches

We will provide you with everything you need to succeed and become confident and happy again

Proven Process 
We have turned the ability of becoming happy and healing wounds after divorce into a program filled with tools that will assist you unlimited times for the rest of your life.  Following a step by step program with tasks and activities that are proven to work and provide women with breakthroughs that transform their lives. 
We have created a program based on mindset teaching that deals with the real underlying core issues that have been holding you back from being your best self. You’ll discover your true self, leave limiting beliefs and fears behind, liberate yourself from insecurity, completely release your past and heal. 
Single, Divorced & Separated Women's Community  
Trying to overcome  life traumas, like separation or divorce on your own is hard. Therefore you get access to a Facebook community with over 9K women Healing, Growing and Loving after separation or divorce.
Transition Mentorship 
Learning at your own pace is very convenient and easy. But let's be honest, no matter how good the program is questions are going to come up. Therefore you have access to a one time Breakthrough call with one of our transition coaches.

Over 9,000+ Active Women in Our Private Facebook Group

100's of Successful, Happy and Confident Clients


Learn the tools that give you access to the kind of power that will support you to:

  • Liberate yourself from self-doubt and insecurity, become authentically confident and visible, and be recognised and rewarded for what you do
  • Make the shift from simply surviving to thriving in every area of your life.
  • Be supported, loved and valued by all the people close to you, so you can become the best version of yourself
  • Release blocks that may be contributing to chronic health challenges such as depression, anxiety, fatigue or weight issues allowing you to move forward with limitless energy and wellbeing
  • Completely release your past, heal your hurt and learn to trust yourself and others
  • Learn how to attract a great guy and create the intimate, loving relationship you yearn for by becoming the best version of you
  • Feel like you are finally LIVING your destiny as the woman you were born to become
  • And so much more!


The testimonials on this website are from real and satisfied clients. However their results may not be your results. Specific results can not be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person. If you want the same results as these ladies, you need to put in the work and do the exercises. Show up for yourself and we can help you do the rest.

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