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How a Determined Handful of Smart Women are Finding Happiness and Love After Divorce 
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You're a Separated, Divorced or Widowed Woman 

and the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships… Having the right tools and techniques you need will allow yourself to STEP UP into your own power, see your own Greatness and truly love yourself and others.  It's not enough to be Powerful… as a Woman you not only want an amazing life, you also want to meet a devoted man and to be loved. 

But not just any man, it must be the right man. The one who admires you, inspires you to be better, is thrilled to be with you and will love you like you've never been loved before… He shows up having done his own work, confident in his own skin and emotionally intelligent.  He sees your uniqueness and how you are different from all the other women he'd previously met. He knows what it takes to be a real man, he's dependable, reliable and makes you feel honoured and safe.

You're probably wondering why you haven't been able to attract this type of man previously, as when you did put your foot in the water, you only attracted needy men or ones with too much bagage.  You're probably also curious if there are even any good men left, or if they are already taken…

Dating has changed, it's really tough and you've probably been out of the game for a long time…Without working on yourself and learning my secret tips and strategies, you'll probably have trouble attracting the man of your dreams and possibly will make another mistake…

We can help...

Most advice and help being given and taught today just simply doesn’t work. Being told to “just get over it”, “be happy” or “just find yourself another man” isn't helpful.  And most of the experts and dating books are as hopeless as numbing yourself with anti-depressants or alcohol when it comes to completing your past, empowering yourself and preparing to find true love…they are NOT the answer!

That might be fine for women who have no boundaries or standards, but it's hopeless advice if you really value yourself, refuse to settle, and want to attract a Magnificent, Masculine man.

There is a huge difference between having a man, and attracting your soul mate who values you, has your back and will be your lifelong partner.


At Women on Transition,
We are different...

I teach my clients my unique system called “Persona Attraction”, it's a propriety strategy that gets to the real core issues that affect them, and it really works!… PLUS I  give them the emotional support AND the mindset training they need to confidently empower themselves, value who they are, and take action so they can create an extraordinary transformation in their life.

This is why I am so well respected and amongst the most influential Transition & Relationship Coaches on the planet.  My custom-designed process just works!  Welcome to my site, please have a look around and meet some of the Women I've worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process I use to help Women HEAL, GROW and LOVE YOURSELF after a Separation or Divorce… and attract a Magnificent Conscious Masculine Man (if that's what you want!). 

With love, Fiona May and the WOT Team


HI I'M FIONA I'm an international Transition & Relationship Coach who helps Women step into their power, see their own greatness and attract lasting love into their life after divorce. I offer an 8-week transformational program, work one-on-one with clients, host Divorce Recovery Retreats in beautiful destinations worldwide, and  volunteer my time & expertise by interacting with and giving advice to members in my Facebook group: Women Healing, Growing, & Loving after Divorce. I love to see women living life confidently and be great role models to their children and their wider community. My greatest joy comes when I see women reclaim their life by stepping into their power and gaining new personal development tools so they live their life in integrity and on their terms. This is when they are then ready to succeed in all areas of their life and attract the love of a man who will honour and respect them.

More About Fiona...

Imagine overcoming the little voice in your head that says “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll be alone forever”. Join us at our next event and find out how. 

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by WORKING  WITH US. We will tell you the 5 Simple Steps To Create a Magnificent Life Ater Separation or Divorce, even if you've tried it all but nothing seems to work. 

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again with our COURSES & COACHING programs. We have helped hundreds of women around the world to create a life with purpose, joy and passion. 

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